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Veterinary Marketing, Customer Communication, Reputation Management, Analytics, HR Interview Management, Team Onboarding / Training & NOW….. Generative A.I…..All at Your Team’s Fingertips!!

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Why VMG 360 ?

VMG 360 is a brand new automation platform developed to help the non-technical veterinary professional increase sales conversions, create customer delight and drive more referrals and repeat business automatically.

This system has been designed and comes pre-loaded with the campaigns you need to generate more revenue from your existing patients, referral partners and leads.

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How does VMG 360 Nurture patients, and increase your revenue while you work less?


Our Multi-channel follow-up campaigns allow you to automate engaging follow-ups and capture engaged responses from your new/existing patients.


VMG 360 allows you to connect with your patients through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.


VMG 360 allows you to create and push posts across your social media platforms simultaneously. You can also use our social planner to schedule posts for later. Use our generative A.I to never run out of content ideas for your socials and emails.

We have taken over 15 years of lead conversion experience and designed the perfect system that makes it easy for you to follow up on new patients, and stay in touch with old ones.

All on autopilot with proven campaign templates for you to use!

Omni Channel Marketing

- Communicate with your patients from different channels
- Email, SMS, social media, voicemail, etc from one platform
- Increase your conversion rate

Automated Email Campaigns & Sequences

- Provide long-term engagement and nurturing with automated emails
- Easily add contacts to campaigns based on their interest
- Set wait times, and trigger certain actions

Social Media Multi-Platform Posting and Scheduling

- Save 100s of hours by scheduling your posts ahead of time
- Post across multiple social platforms with one click
- Use A.I to quickly create engaging content that resonates with your audience

Ringless Voice-Mails

-Send ringless voicemails with a click
- Easily remind them of vaccine updates, promotions, and more

Instant Messaging all in one place

- Send ringless voicemails with a click
- Easily remind them of vaccine updates, promotions, and more

Generative Artificial Intelligence

- Harness the power of A.I to easily create emails for your campaign
- Ditch writer's block and create instant social media posts
- Save 100s of hours

Analytics and Reporting

- Track your Facebook and Google ads from your platform
- Track calls - missed calls, answered calls, and listen to call recordings
- Get a holistic report on your email and SMS campaign performance

Automated SMS Campaigns

- Send fully automated SMS campaigns
- Make it easier for clients to reach you, be nurtured, and convert

Reputation Management

- See all reviews across different platforms like Facebook or Google
- Get notified as soon as the review comes in, and respond swiftly
- Easily request reviews using an automated review request system

Customer Service Surveys

- Create and run surveyS right in your CRM
- Understand your customers better
- Building long-lasting relationships

VMG 360 powers these core services for vet clinics

Vet Concierge

Increase Your Annual Patient Value with Little Effort, Increase or Keep your Google Ratings with Professional, Follow Up Calls to Patients, Get Introductions to Collegues to Learn about Your Specialty Area of Focus, Decrease No-Show Rates by Professional and Appointment Confirmations.

All This with One DONE FOR YOU Service Performed by a Patient, Professional, Empathetic Partnership within VMG 360!

VMG Hiring Engine

Having the right team in place is key to success as a veterinary practice or hospital. But hiring can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Repetitive tasks associated with recruitment management can get overwhelming quickly and keep the team from focusing on more pressing tasks like walk-ins or other important HR issues. 

Vet Clinics can use VMG 360 to automate parts of the hiring process freeing up valuable time that can be used to build strategies or focus on other important HR tasks.

Your account comes pre-loaded with 10 campaigns that have
all been proven to Convert!!

VMG 360 platform comes with 10 pre-built campaigns with a proven track record of generating results.

So be it Dental campaigns, grooming, boarding, wellness plans, or past patient win back, we have got you covered.

All you have to do is select the campaign of your choice and start generating more revenue.

Past Patient - Win Back

A powerful win-back campaign to get back old customers.

Current Patient - Quarterly Call

A quarterly/seasonal ringless voicemail campaign sent to stay connected with your customers.

Dental Campaign

A holistic dental campaign to bring in more revenue for your practice.

Welcome Email Series

A campaign built to indoctrinate your new leads or patients about your brand.

Wellness Exam Campaign

Get your patients to schedule their pet’s annual wellness exams without hassle.

Wellness Plans Boost

A completely automated sequence to help attract more subscribers to your wellness plans.

Boarding Campaign

A comprehensive sequence to increase sign ups for your boarding services.

Grooming Campaign

Get more customers for your grooming services with this impactful campaign.

Flash Sale - Products and Services

Get more purchases for your products or booked appointments for your services with this flash sale template.

New Clinic Offering

This plug and play template helps you create a powerful campaign that updates clients about your offerings, and gets them to take action.

Save Time by Automating Follow-up and Close More Business.

Never Miss a follow-up for a new or existing patient. Get the most out of your business with VMG 360.


Ready to 2x profits, and 3x productivity?

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Yes but you need to Port it over. This can take a week or 2 but it is well worth. VMG will also create an Outreach number for you as well so all outbound call can be tracked and recorded. You can also create separate numbers for Advertising as well.
Yes you can. you have full flexibility with VMG360. you can just connect your Google My Business or Just FB if you like. You can also disconnect anytime.
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Depending on your practice will have access to 52 weeks of email nurture campaigns, Holiday Specials, Patient Onboarding packages, and Education Pet Education Email Sequences.




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