VMG Hiring Engine

Streamline the hiring process, take repetitive admin tasks out of recruitment, save time and resources.

VMG Hiring Engine cuts down on time and resources wasted on rinse-and-repeat efforts and tasks during recruitment, creates triggered responses and workflows for every action, and keeps candidates in the loop throughout the recruitment process.

What Is A Hiring Automation System?

VMG’s hiring automation system helps HR & Practice Managers take repetitive tasks and processes during the hiring process complete off their plate. The goal is to reduce tasks, save time and resources, and create a more efficient interview and onboarding process for both the hiring managers as well as the candidates. What is one of the biggest challenges in the vet industry right now? Getting qualified applicants hired, onboarded, and trained quickly! If you’re looking to hire more efficiently, and cut back on hours and resources during recruitment, automating some parts of your recruitment is essential to getting the best most qualified applicants hired, onboarded, and trained quickly!

Why Do Veterinary Clinics Need To Automate Their Hiring Process?

Having the right team in place is key to success as a veterinary practice or hospital. But hiring can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Repetitive tasks associated with recruitment management can get overwhelming quickly and keep the team from focusing on more pressing tasks like walk-ins or other important HR issues. Automating parts of the hiring process gives veterinary clinics the ability to streamline the hiring process (screen and select the best candidates quickly) and free up valuable time that can be used to build strategies or focus on other important HR tasks.

Benefits Vet Clinics and Hospitals Stand To Gain By Automating The Hiring Process

The hallmark of hiring automation is the amount of time it gives back to your practice. But that isn’t all there is…

Automating the hiring process helps vet clinics & hospitals:

How VMG Hiring Engine Helps Vet Practices Automate The Hiring Process

Here’s how our system helps you streamline your hiring process by automating repetitive and monotonous tasks, saving you time and resources.


Screen With Ease

Easily send screening questionnaires or surveys to candidates to help nail down the selection process.


Communicate Effortlessly

Communicate with candidates without lifting a finger. Send automated emails and sms to candidates when they apply, qualify for the next recruitment stage, or are eliminated.


Schedule Interviews From Triggered Actions

Once a candidate qualifies for an interview, automatically send templatized email or text for them to schedule an interview. Send automated reminders to candidates and team members.


Onboard Candidates Without Stress

Send onboarding documents, videos, and resources automatically to candidates. Cut back on time needed for manual onboarding.

Why Choose the VMG Hiring Engine Automation Platform

Templatized Hiring Automation Process

Our system comes with 10 templates for top veterinary roles that you can use right away, or make minimal changes to suit your practice.

Holistic Reporting Dashboard

Track your hiring stages from start to finish at a glance from your dashboard. See who’s being interviewed, screened, selected, or eliminated from one spot.

Round-the-clock Email support

We are not a “get our software and leave you hanging” kind of organization. We set up your systems, and ensure they are ready to rock and roll. Plus support is just a click away at No extra charge.

Customized Automation

If you need to customize the automation process for any reason, we’ve got you. Our team can quickly create your customizations for a fraction of the cost.

Always Evolving Platorm

Our automation system can be adjusted to accommodate your practice as it scales or is involved with mergers, franchises, or restructuring. We are always adding new Automations, Workflows, & process which you get access to for FREE as a member.

Take The Pain Out of Recruitment

Recruiting top talent for your veterinary practice no longer has to be a pain. With VMG Hiring Engine, you can save your HR team hours wasted on monotonous tasks that could have been spent on strategy.

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