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Voice and Video Live Chat

1:1 Conversations on Any Device and From Any Location

From any digital channel, you can easily add live voice or video chats with a simple link, script, or Google Tag Manager.

A quick call to a live agent (voice or video) in a call center, at home, or even “on location” can help with online conversions or resolving technical support issues.

Vocinity’s Click-to-Talk solution enables consumers to call an agent by clicking on a button on your company’s mobile or website, or self-service kiosk. The platform routes calls to agent based on context (location, product, agent experience, etc.) reducing call times and improving productivity.

Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)

With a simple SIP connection, voice calls can integrated with existing call center, PBX or phone system, and treated as a regular incoming call.

Scalable and Secure

Proprietary Multimedia Gateway enhances experiences and ensures secure, scalable growth.

Recordings & Transcriptions

Voice and Video Chats are securely recorded and transcriptions are available.

It’s Time To Start Your Digital Transformation And Improve Your Communications At The Same Time.

Video Chats

Agents only need a a browser, a web cam and a good quality microphone – and they can be in any location for 1:1 video chats.

Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)

Agents can use any device with a browser.

Faster Time To Value

WebRTC provides higher voice quality and makes deployment a snap.

Live Demos

Enables live demonstrations and show-and-tell; plus agents can share videos and images.


No software for consumers or Agents to download or install.

Integration Support

Allows agents to capture and exchange data with back-office applications.

Transfer Options

Video Calls can be transferred to a voice or video call using usimg custom routing rules.


When you decide to work with us, we won’t turn around and sign up one of your competitors. As a client of ours, you can trust that we’re exclusively yours.

Industry Experts

From SEO to PCC, Web design and more, our experienced service professionals will give your vet clinic just what it needs — real results and success. With our comprehensive approach, dominating your local search area has never been easier.

Excellent Client Services & Organizational Skills

Our turnaround is super quick so you can reach your marketing goals. We respond to most of your queries and we use State of the Art modern project management platforms like ClickUp and Slack for Communication.

FULL Service Agency

You don’t need to look beyond us. Our team bring all the technology and expertise required to grow your veterinary clinic and keep it thriving.

Dedicated Project Manager

Your project(s) will be managed by a Dedicated Project Manager. S/he will be your Single Point of Contact from a delivery perspective. Never have to worry about your project getting buried underneath others.

Qualified Core Discipline Specialists With Certifications and Results to Back it up

We don’t just “Say” were are experts. We have done the work, taken the tests, and produced the results. We have perfected our frameworks and systems to produce consistent results for your veterinary clinic.

Fair & Affordable Pricing‌

You’ll be amazed by the value you get for the price you pay. We are not the cheapest but we are certainly not the most expensive. Our hybrid structure of Domestic and Remote team players allows us to operate lean and pass savings on to you. You get fortune 500 agency results that even a startup or growing business can afford and scale with.